The prints on our designs are inspired by our Aboriginal Australian heritage. Each print was created using digital technology by Liandra Gaykamangu.

OCHRE DUST PRINT: Collection 1


This print has three distinct elements. 

The brown colour in the design, represents 
Indigenous Australia. The many swirls 
highlight the Australian love of water and
represent places that you 
find water. 
Water is important as it 
restores balance in nature and in our bodies.
Lastly, thdots whicdepict the Liandra
Swim Tribe 
enjoying the waterways. 



This print has three distinct elements. The 
green used in this print is the colour of life, 
renewal and nature. The Lines, which sway 
across the pattern, depict the flow of life. The dots illustrate your story, as you navigate 
life's  journey, as a member of the
Liandra Swim Tribe.

GAPU WAVES: 241 - The Contrast

Gapu, meaning water in Yolngu Matha (language), and Waves, referring to the steady roll our ocean hitting land.

This print represents the natural flow of the ocean. We wanted to put a unique spin on dot art, whilst sharing a piece of history, by chopping and changing the intricate circles to recreate the flow of waves crashing on the beach. The white panels represent the disruption to Indigenous Australian culture that came, via our oceans, when colonisation took place. As you can see we have used variations of the colour blue. The colour blue has been used to represent our oceans and waterways. This print represents both the past, when our way of living changed forever, and our future. As we work towards a united and reconciled Australia between all cultures.

The ocean for Liandra Swim is a source of cleansing and healing. We use the ocean to cleanse our mind, body and soul and to wash away our worries and concerns. We invite you to do the same next time you are by the beach too in your Liandra Swim.

SUN DANCE: 241 - The Contrast

The Sun Dance print represents our unique relationship with the Sun. The Sun is the giver of life. It heats our waters and gives energy to our growing plants and wildlife. Without the Sun our Mother-Earth would be a cold, barren land.

Sun Dance print has two distinct elements, the differing size Suns and the oddly shaped dots that scatter this print. The dots represent humanity, flora and fauna dancing around the Sun. Seeking the warmth for enjoyment. Australia is known as the “Sun-burnt Country,” made famous by Australian poet Dorothy Mackellar. This print pays homage to this aspect of the Australian way of life for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.  

The black and white colours represent Australian people, from all cultures, celebrating the Sun’s beauty, warmth and power.