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5 Summer Wardrobe Staples

With summer fast approaching it is time to shed the winter wardrobe and bring out the summer clothes. Whilst this is my favourite time of the year, it can be a little bit daunting when you realise you need a few new wardrobe necessities. By keeping to this guide we can help make sure you never get caught out off-trend during the warmer months.

1. A Swimsuit 

You really need to check out the newest range from Liandra Swim. There are ten separate designs. Wearing Liandra Swim you are definitely not going to be in a swimsuit every other babe on the beach is in. There are two distinct prints, each telling a unique story. The collection includes two full-piece designs and eight bikini separates, which will allow you to mix-n-match until your heart is content!

The first exclusive collection from Liandra Swim is full of premium designer suits that are unlike anything on the market. If you are the kind of girl that likes to have a wardrobe with something unique, then Liandra Swim is the swimwear for you. There is a range of options to choose from. This includes two different one-piece designs, strapless options and tops for those that prefer straps and support for your breasts. The bottoms are all black, allowing your to mix-n-match depending on your own personal style. There is a low-cut, mid-cut and high-waisted cut option. This way you can wear what you want, depending on how your feeling!

The best part is there is a suit to fit everyone's budget. You can pick up a full bikini set for less than $100 or you can opt for a top or bottom separately for less than $50. Get your swimsuit now to make sure you are ready for the waves this summer!


Shop now at www.liandraswim.com


2. The Flip-Flop (or the humble Thong in Australia)

This is a MUST for every beachin' babe. It is easy to put on and off. Not to mention it is super comfortable when you need to trek along the hot sand to that perfect little tanning spot. No one likes hot sand burning the soles of your feet! The reliable Flip-Flop/Thong is handy as you can now buy a prettier thong and have your straps bedazzled with a jewel or two. 

The Havaianas is without a doubt the go-to shoe for beach attire. There are a wide range of colours to choose from as well as an assortment of accessories, for those that like something a little extra on their feet. The Havaianas is also a good place to start as it is a thong one-stop-shop. You can pick up a pair for the kids, the hubby or as a gift for mum and dad. There are so many styles and sizes to choose from you will undoubtedly find a pair to suit a member of the whole family! Christmas shopping made easy *hint hint*

Shop now at www.havaianasaustralia.com.au


3. Summer Dress 

 Every girl needs that perfect day-to-night summer dress. With summer days so easily turning into summer-nights a cute little dress is a must! You can pick something long or short, these are minor details. You just need to make sure you have something that is comfortable yet stylish. Have a look our picks below which will give you a little bit of choice.  

As strong lovers of online shopping we recommend snapping up a bargain online at The Iconic. The Iconic has a large range of styles and sizes to suit all budgets and body types. The great thing about The Iconic is that, depending on the brand, they offer a wide range of sizes on any one design. The bonus with online shopping at The Iconic is that you can get a bargain whilst laying in bed in your dressing gown (totally not what I am doing right not). Check out some of the styles below for a little online shopping inspiration.


Shop now at www.iconic.com.au 


4. Denim Shorts

 Denim shorts will be the bread-n-butter of your clothing attire. They are perfect to just slip on over your new Liandra Swim 'kini when heading out. Again, we are BIG lovers of online shopping and find that The Iconic just have the largest range of styles, sizes and designs. So when you are shopping for your perfect little day-to-night dress make sure to stop by the denim shorts section!

We personally love shorts that have a little something extra to them like rips and we are totally diggin' the Levi 501 Shorts. They are less than $60 which means they are way in budget too! We know that Levi is a top brand too so we will be able to keep these baby's for many summers to come! 

 Shop now at www.iconic.com.au 

5. Sunglasses 

 Last but not least EYEWEAR! Every beach babe needs a decent pair of shades to protect us from the harsh sun rays! We are loving the huge range of shades available over at Princess Polly. Not only are they affordable there are lots of different frames to suit any face shape. 

We are loving the timeless aviator frames. Princess Polly have the Clueso Sunglasses Tortoiseshell for only $35! For that price we recommend getting a couple of different pairs, that way you can mix-n-match depending on your mood and outfit. Check out our top three pics below and check out there range of sunnies. 




Shop now at www.princesspolly.com

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