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Benefits to Walking on the Beach

The beach is not only an idealistic place to walk because of great scenery, there are a bunch of great health benefits. Making Beach walks the perfect activity to add to your exercise regime! 

Great For Your Muscles & Fitness

Soft sand provides resistance that helps to strengthen the arches of your feet, your ankles and leg muscles. When you walk on soft sand, in your feet will be using its full range of motion, and every time your foot sinks, your muscles have to work extra hard to push you back up to move you forward. 

A good walk on the beach can burn up to 50% more calories than walking on a hard surface. This can dramatically help when striving to reach your fitness goals. 

              A Free Foot Massage & Exfoliation!

Walking barefoot on sand and taking breaks while standing in the water will massage the soles of your feet. The motion activates venous and lymphatic circulation, making your feet feel nice and relaxed.

No need for a fancy foot scrub either. Walking on sand will exfoliate dead skin cells and make your feet feel softer. Sand is rather coarse and when walking on the beach, especially in wet sand, you are naturally exfoliating some of the skin on your feet. Be sure to follow up your walk with a nice coating of moisturiser to maximize the effect! 

Such an inexpensive way to get a foot rub and scrub, with the best part being it is readily available 24/7

Reduce Stress & Grounding

There’s nothing more relaxing than strolling peacefully next to the beautiful blue ocean, listening to the sounds of waves tenderly crashing along the shoreline with the smell of salt filling your lungs. Leave the shoes at home to symbolise leaving your cares behind. 

Walking on the beach with bare feet helps you to ground yourself. The theory behind grounding, also known as earthing, is that electrical energy from the earth can be absorbed through your feet when you walk barefoot (especially on wet or moist sand) and lead to a multitude of health benefits.  


Vitamin & Mineral Boost

Vitamin D is obviously plentiful on any sunny beach, and it has been shown to help improve calcium absorption, autoimmune response and mood. A study conducted by the Baker Heart Research Institute, in Melbourne, found that increased sunlight also led to reduced stress and improved sleep and appetite. If you're on a salty beach then the water also contains a multitude of healthy minerals like magnesium, potassium and iodine. Many saltwater minerals are used in topical anti-aging products, so why not step into the waves a bit and get a free dose?

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