Ocean-inspired Prints & Swimsuits in an Old-Meets-New Style

Ocean-inspired Prints & Swimsuits in an Old-Meets-New Style

Liandra Swim's signature style is inspired by the ocean and its natural beauty. A mix of old school elegance and modern edge, Liandra Swim swimsuits are made with high-quality materials with reversible options. We use digital technology to create prints that are both colourful and soft to the touch—an effect achieved through an ink-based printing process that looks as though it had been painted directly onto the fabric itself!

The Liandra Swim Deep Sea Collection mixes ancient and contemporary inspirations.



The Liandra Swim Deep Sea collection is inspired by the depths of the ocean. It's also inspired by our ancient Aboriginal Australian culture, contemporary fashion and the world around us. The art of the Deep Sea Collection is derived from our ocean and the beauty that hides deep below the surface.

Liandra Swim was created for people who see fashion as art and want their swimsuits to make a statement.

The inspiration for our collection came from ocean-inspired patterns and colours. Our silhouettes are inspired by the ocean and its waves, which can be seen in the swimsuit's prints and styling. We wanted to make sure the prints were something you could wear anywhere, even if you weren't planning on spending your day at the beach or pool.

The name of each swimsuit is named in honour of Indigenous women who inspire others through their work. Our inspirational name-sakes are doctors (e.g., Vinka Barunga), astrophysicists (e.g., Karlie Noon), authors (e.g., Tara June Winch) or a sports person (e.g. Rohanee Cox). Our collections are meant to honour these women and the incredible feats they have (and continue to) achieve in their respective industries. 

We are made for the present and future, but draw on influences from the past.

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that is both functional and fashionable, Liandra Swim is the perfect brand. The Australian-based company has created a collection of swimsuits inspired by the deep sea, with designs available both in limited quantities and in high quality materials. Each print is hand-drawn, by Founder Liandra Gaykamangu, to create an eclectic mix of styles and patterns inspired by her Indigenous culture.

These suits are perfect for those who love to get creative in their summer days at the beach or poolside—whether you love bright colours or prefer minimalist designs, there’s something here for everyone!

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that will make you stand out in the pool, Liandra Swim is the best place to start. The brand’s deep sea collection mixes ancient and contemporary inspirations, mixing prints from different countries in an eclectic style that evokes the past while still being modern and current.

This collection was made for people who see fashion as art and want their swimsuits to make a statement. Our favourite piece from this collection? The Billie-Jean Top x Samantha Bottoms, and you can shop here

Liandra Swim is designed both everyday swimming AND for making a statement!

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