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Bali Guide: 2019

Bali Guide: 2019



Before you get to Bali we recommend doing a little bit of research. This includes how to order food and transport quickly and easily! The GoJek app is an Indonesian app that allows you to order bread, milk, take-away from your favourite restaurants as well as drivers and taxis! You don't have to haggle for a price either, the app will set the fee for you. From Legian to Kuta cost us roughly $1.40 (aud). You can thank us later! 


It can be very easy to get caught up n the hustle and bustle of Bali lie. Don't forget to take a few moments each day to appreciate your experiences. We recommend setting aside at least two days to just relax, unwind and sit by the pool.


The roads are unlike any Australian roads you have seen before! This can be quite daunting when trying to cross the road, for the first few times. In all honesty, you just need to be aggressive about it and just step out! Yes, we know this is totally unnatural and goes against everything we are taught as a kid! However, the drivers in Bali are very perceptive and will see you to slow down and/or go around. But, we do recommend crossing with caution for ultimate safety!


When going to another country we think it is of the utmost importance to respect and learn about the culture which you are visiting. Bali is a place rich with culture, you just need to venture outside of Kuta and there is an abundance of places to experience. There is Tannah Lot to the North, Uluwatu to the south and Ubud in the rainforests. Depnding on what you are wanting, make it a priority to visit at least one of these places, if not all three!


You are in a tropical wonderland, it is only natural to pack a TONNE of Liandra Swim bikinis and hit the beaches of Bali. HOWEVER, it is hard to compete with the amazingly FREE beaches of Australia, so we have a few things to take into consideration when hunting down the perfect beaches of Bali.

Don't forget that Bali has active volcanoes, and while you can definitely find beautiful white sandy beaches, Kuta beach and beaches to the north of Bali will have naturally occurring black sand, due to volcano activity. Still perfectly safe to swim, just remember to stay between the flags. Now, if you are like us and your dream beach includes blue water and white sand then don't be alarmed, Bali has this too! If you head to Uluwatu or Nusa Dua you will find what you are looking for. The only difference will be that you will need a mode of transport (duh!) - either you hire a driver for the day, hire a car or scooter- and you may find yourself paying a beach entrance fee, so factor that in for the day.


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