Inspirational Women: Georgia Gleeson | Liandra Swim

Inspirational Women: Georgia Gleeson

Inspirational Women: Georgia Gleeson

Our inspirational and earth shattering woman this week is Georgia Gleeson. She is not only expecting baby number 5 but has also just given birth to her second business, Running in Recovery. 

In 2013, Georgia was one of six women selected in the Indigenous Marathon Project squad to train for the world-famous New York City Marathon. She had just six months of training to squeeze in before the big event. 

This amazing woman is responsible for the nation-wide Deadly Runners movement, which is now run through the Indigenous Marathon Project. She founded the Queanbeyan Deadly Runners and is now utilising her skills and knowledge to help those with addiction use running as a tool to transform their lives, with her new business Running in Recovery. 

Georgia is a strong voice advocating for healthy and active lifestyles. She leads by example, where she has continued to actively run in a number of events nation-wide throughout her pregnancy. We love the legacy Georgia is creating and are proud to call her a friend.


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