Our Mission

We are passionate about creating meaningful dialogue about the positive and versatile elements of Indigenous Australia. In particular, we are making it our social mission to change the way Indigenous Australian women are viewed and celebrated. We are a company 100% owned by a Yolngu woman from North-East Arnhem Land. We want to share our story, and those of our fellow sisters, with the world through a narrative that highlights our versatility, resilience and brilliance.

Each collection we pick a new diverse range of ground-breaking Indigenous women to name our designs after. Our hope is to enlighten and share the narrative, of the individual, with our customers who in turn shares their learned experience with family and friends. This not only helps grow our movement but will one day result in our phenomenal Indigenous women becoming positive household names.

We firmly believe that Empowered Women, Empower Women and so, we are making this the foundation of Liandra Swim. We hope to create opportunities for learning, sharing and listening between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.