About us

Liandra is a luxury lifestyle brand known for classic reversible swim styles, timeless designs and signature prints - which are inspired by our Aboriginal Australian culture.

Every Liandra collection represents a unique story, with each of print showcasing a collection theme. Our prints are a contemporary representation of our culture and how we identify see the world around us. 

We pride ourselves on creating quality swim and ready-to-wear pieces, through ethical practices and sustainable design. 

We are highly conscious of the world around us, and always try to step lightly and engage gently with our surroundings.

Our luxe swim fabrics are made from regenerated plastics and recycled elastane.

Our shipping solutions are home-decomposable and our plant-based packaging is made from cassava root starch. Our non-toxic packaging is biodegradable within months (3-6 months dependent on the environment).

Our ethos is to to do better and be better throughout all aspects of our brand. 

We are eco-conscious and ethically minded brand. Liandra is designed in Australia and our prints are 100% authentic.

Our Creative Director and Founder, Liandra Gaykamangu, is a Yolngu woman from East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory Australia.